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Originally Posted by Grieves View Post
It does really just come down to the money and playing "nice" for the advertisers...

When you are this big, you aren't worried about the diehards, you worry about the fringe/temperamental/potential fans. Sadly those "fans" are the ones who cry the loudest about things that happen outside the game. The people who watch The Voice and listen to the cows howl about how big bad football player got off too easy by the commish.

Think of these people of the Westboro Baptists of the sporting/media world.

i still think those people would just move the fuck on if goodell told them all to fuck off. Handegg has tons of fairweather fans that only like it because its popular, and those people might heehaw about this wife thing but like every other topic on The View; itll blow over when something else happens.

I honestly believe that handegg is untouchable. Its bad enough what something like this can do to team dynamics. That should be punishment enough.

siderant: ive mentioned before how annoying i find it when girls are all 'omg i love football i know its so crazy but i love it', just tonight i saw two news ladies having that same convo 'omg i know you wouldnt think so but i love football, can you believe us sitting here in stillettos and dresses talking about football???"

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i've struck the absolute perfect balance between gay and smart

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