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Originally Posted by The Rev View Post
Me, for sure. Depression and self-doubt have been huge problems in my life. Fortunately, I'm getting some help from a good friend (Krunk) in getting my course righted, but it's taken half my life to come to grips with the issues that have been holding me back. Also, depression continues to be a problem.

I have found that, during my darker times, keeping faith in the fact that people around me care how I feel has helped the most in dealing with depression. And working through self-doubt is so much easier when you have someone or a few people you respect who believe in you.

I think SoK may not have the best network of supportive people around him, and that it's important for us, as his friends, to be that network when we can.

The Rev

I could try to ignite a debate about how some people get screwed and others don't in the job market, but I'll leave it at the following. There is a fine line between what someone does for themself and what they don't have control over in being a competitive player in the job market today.

Very informative post Rev. I don't know if I do myself any good being open about this stuff. Some people have either accepted it or they don't talk about it. What I would do to go back in time knowing what I do now. A lot of shit changed in our economy from '99 to around 2005.

There is too much on my mind to continue.
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