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That's true too, and not really negative.

I'm definitely not talking for Komp. I'm impressing my speculative idealization of the man that is Komp lol.

Since the ships can be earned through just playing the game (ie: there's no hardline pay to win aspect to this game -- all things can be earned through playing the game) I figured if Komp was gonna spend that amount of money, it would be because it goes to the funding of the game's development, instead of just wanting to save time..

The latter of which would make no sense to me. Why spend money to save time.. playing the game... ??? Striving toward getting a better ship, better equipment, etc. should be an enjoyable experience in itself. If you would rather just spend some money and get the reward instantly rather than earn it, either the game is doing something wrong, or you as a person are just fucked
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