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i dont know anything about this game but im guessing that as with other freemium games, the time it would take to actually earn one of the ships that you can buy with money far outweighs the actual time you work at your job to be able to afford the ship itself. i think you are idealizing a bit because when the end-user buys stuff like this its more out of a motivation of "more-ness"- that is, they have had a taste and they want more. which is exactly what crack addiction is. nobody buys crack to support their crack dealer, they buy it because it feels good to have crack and smoke that shit.

hence my brain brings up this southpark episode.

again i hate that my post sounds so antithetical to spending your money on what you want and having fun. im just generalizing here and not making any implications at all regarding komp himself.

i guess im just coming from a place of questioning. are you spending money to actually have fun or are you spending money because youve been skinner-boxed? BTW it seems to me mostly that in komps case here it is probably the former.
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