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Originally Posted by ionlylooklazy View Post
So are you flying around in a hornet or have they updated arena commander to add in most of the original ships now?

I played around back when it first released and was non-plussed, so I'm laying off until they add my lancer into the mix.
Yea, I got the hornet to fly, and they are progressively adding more and more ships. I believe most of the Origin and Anvil single-seaters are flyable. Also, they weapons are swappable in the hangar so you can experiment mounting different weapons systems on different ships already. They're experimenting with different HUDs and Targeting systems with each patch to balance out people who like to play with mice and keyboard and those that want to fly with joysticks. Ship speeds and maps have doubled, as well as uncoupling the thrusters for full six degrees of freedom, so those that want to pull off the crazy sci-fi spacesship stunts from whatever movie can figure out how to do it.

Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Looks good but idk if my computer is good enough to run it. I really need a new graphics card and motherboard.

Also holy shit Komp a $600 ship?! You sound as hooked as my dad is on EVE Online.
Think of it as an independent kickstarter. You're funding the paying the electricity bills for him to develop the game, and you get a reward depending on the amount you pledge. Really no different than an NPR drive.

Originally Posted by Sir-Ex View Post
That's true too, and not really negative.

I'm definitely not talking for Komp. I'm impressing my speculative idealization of the man that is Komp lol.

Since the ships can be earned through just playing the game (ie: there's no hardline pay to win aspect to this game -- all things can be earned through playing the game) I figured if Komp was gonna spend that amount of money, it would be because it goes to the funding of the game's development, instead of just wanting to save time..

The latter of which would make no sense to me. Why spend money to save time.. playing the game... ??? Striving toward getting a better ship, better equipment, etc. should be an enjoyable experience in itself. If you would rather just spend some money and get the reward instantly rather than earn it, either the game is doing something wrong, or you as a person are just fucked
The ships i have are by no means the top level capital ships, but they are a happy medium. Again, it's more about letting Chris Roberts and the rest of the gaming industry know that the giant devs like EA or Blizzard aren't needed to make a AAA game, and CR can probably make it better.

Originally Posted by Waves View Post
i dont know anything about this game but im guessing that as with other freemium games, the time it would take to actually earn one of the ships that you can buy with money far outweighs the actual time you work at your job to be able to afford the ship itself. i think you are idealizing a bit because when the end-user buys stuff like this its more out of a motivation of "more-ness"- that is, they have had a taste and they want more. which is exactly what crack addiction is. nobody buys crack to support their crack dealer, they buy it because it feels good to have crack and smoke that shit.

hence my brain brings up this southpark episode.

again i hate that my post sounds so antithetical to spending your money on what you want and having fun. im just generalizing here and not making any implications at all regarding komp himself.

i guess im just coming from a place of questioning. are you spending money to actually have fun or are you spending money because youve been skinner-boxed? BTW it seems to me mostly that in komps case here it is probably the former.
It's not a freemium game in that so far the pledging will vanish once the game goes into production. You are crowdfunding the entire game directly. The massive scope this game has, even compared to the most modern MMOs, is insane, and i wholly approve of this scale [and future scales] of worldbuilding which is why i dropped a lot on it.

Plus the ships i have are the luxury capital ships, meaning they are meant to be the baller ships to fly in. Thats the role i've chosen within my org, though. There are medical ships, science ships, fighter, touring, salvage, exploration, piracy, military, etc, etc...

The ship designs/roles are voted directly by the community, so it's been pretty entertaining alone knowing how openly engaging and responsive the devs have been to the fans and watching the ships go from concept to hangar. Even the server infrastructure of how they intend to host the Persistent Universe is wildly impressive considering the game is an MMO on the CryEngine [aka WILL IT RUN A MMO CRYSIS?!!]

This is the turn i'd like to see the industry go in, and money talks louder than words.
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