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Many European countries 'ignore' marijuana use or at most treat it as a misdemeanour and not a crime. Interestingly, many European countries also supply clean needles and heroin to chronic addicts and some countries give no punishment for any possession of any drug for personal use.

It was proven long ago that de-criminalization / legalization / normalisation of drugs DOES NOT lead to any general increase in general usage,

Drug addiction is a sickness, making it a crime only makes things worse.

Of course the United states is the biggest and most repressive police state in the world, imprisoning 5% of your general population and 25% of your male African American population.

Legalizing drugs nationwide would lead to a fifty per cent drop in prisoner population which is bad news for the prison business which is one of the biggest industries in your country.
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sometimes you just gotta agree with bondi.
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I like Iranian donkey dick,.
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There is no political correctness in FFA
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It's probably just you. Marijuana users tend to be mentally ill and the THC just exacerbates their shortcomings as human beings. You can't believe anything a pot-head says, they're all incompetent and unreliable, not to mention liars and murders.
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God I hate being on bondi's side

Video meliora probeque deteriora sequor.
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