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Probably not worth this much effort, but fuck you are strange...

Originally Posted by SoK View Post
Meh, don't assume Shadow treats her animals humanely. Farmers are weird people. They have big egos because our society has weakened a lot. So they see themselves as bad ass.
Likely gonna make my head explode trying to understand you but here goes... WTF is this supposed to mean?

Originally Posted by SoK View Post
I worked on a farm and had respect for the animals, especially the pigs. Pigs are smart and interesting animals with a personality.

That is the shitty part of being a human. With technology, we have domesticated animals and thus relate to them more.
More nonsense... there is absofuckinglutely nothing more relational between us and pigs as the result of technology, quite the opposite. CAFO's are as far from nature as anything can possibly get, and "relating" to the animals is something that only occurs through more intimate interaction than confinement swine operations ever afford. When you say you worked on a farm you did what exactly? On what kind of farm?

Originally Posted by SoK View Post
Not natural. It would be much easier to hunt a wild boar than to slaughter a pig you raise.
Says you, 'cuz you've killed both a wild boar and a domesticated one, and dressed both? I can certainly attest that I have less of an issue killing a nuisance wild pig than one of my own for food, but I prefer to breed for new stock and only eat non-conforming culls. Not sure WTF you're trying to speak to... that pigs you make friends with are harder to part with... duh? Thanks for that insight. Do you do either, or do you finish killing your bacon right from the Styrofoam and petrol-plastic wrap.

Originally Posted by SoK View Post
Anyways, shadow can think she is badass all she want.
Don't know Shadow, never had the pleasure of meeting her, but having had a peak of what I presume is their spread I'd say that she's no pussy, so ya might wanna scale back the bold internet testosterone outbreak. I have a feeling that if she had balls, they'd be a whole lot bigger than yours.
Originally Posted by SoK View Post
Farming is easy work. Once you get used to the smell of chicken shit and being filthy all the time, it's all down hill. I could easily lift more than her or her husband.
If you can smell shit than you aren't doing it right, so I'm not sure what the fuck you're talking about or again, what your frame of reference is. As for it being easy work, well yeah I guess it is, if you balance the demands on your time and physicality against the level of fulfillment derived from doing something righteous and worthwhile... sure it's a lot easier than spreading ass or sucking dicks for a living, but having no real experience doing either of the latter I must defer to the more superior expertise presented.
Not sure I really care but what the fuck is your malfunction?

Shadow... shoot him in the knees and throw him to the pigs.
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