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Originally Posted by turmaline View Post
I keep watching it again and again 'cuz it makes me giggle... but it's just so wrong... and then I giggle again.
Originally Posted by SoK View Post
I worked on a family farm, and she didn't have her shit totally together. The chicken barn was very dirty, the pigs were outside doing alright, and then she had sheep and goats together. The problem was she was trying to get a petting zoo going and it was misguided. There was no profit in it.

I'm trying to spark friendly rivalry on this forum that has almost no members or action left on it. Negativity will drive people away, but so will tiptoeing around to not hurt anyone's feelings.
Uh huh... yeah, well I'm always getting banned for excessive tip toeing.

Uh, not to be a picker of nits, or a negative Nellie here, but a petting zoo turn-key a farmer does not make.

Originally Posted by zoltron View Post
Tell that to 1 of these tobacco farmers down here.
'at right dare is some ig'nant ass work Jim. Old tobackey transplanters were all about "easy". All day bent over with your face in the dirt and the sun on your back. Don't get much easier than that eh?

Originally Posted by moketweed View Post
sok's expertise comes from successfully running a pimple ranch on his ass.....
Yes but they're sparky, friendly, little pimples aren't they?

Just out'a curiousity WTF is everybody anyway? All banned?
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