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I am becoming a beast

So far, I've lost 43 lbs. Started at 249 , now at 206. I got 11 more to go to get to my goal.

Since I've been riding my bike to/from work, I've cut the trip home from 1:15 to ~:50, and the ride in from 1:45 to about an hour. My hiking has improved as well. I recently did a 22 mile walk in the mountains in about 9 hours. I don't know how much I've lost off my waist, but I gotta tighten the belt on my pack every time I go out.

I feel like a beast!! My plan is to hit 195, then focus more on fitness than weight loss. I figure that's where the energy will become more of a factor. I still have days where I'm just fucking wasted, because of the diet. I've been doing like 2000-2500 calories a day (more like 1800 on days I don't exercise).

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