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Originally Posted by ChopBro View Post
used to live in Jackson (where they hold executions) in N.C. now
Small world. This is exactly where I'll be moving.

Originally Posted by moketweed View Post
Bearsy I'm in Rochester on a 2 year power plant demo job, perhaps you will let me treat you to some beers or coffees, or some of them Buffalo wings,(and smoke you up real good) some time before you go to Georgia.
I'm on board man, for sure. I'll be driving down and my plan was to swing through to NYC and go down the coast, and I'd be going through Roch so I think I'll take you up on that.

Originally Posted by Geeno View Post
Im going to tell you exactly what my friend told me when I was moving to the south:

"mike, black people in the south are not like black people here"

I had no idea how true those words were.

PM me some details about your move tho. I'm ~6 hrs from Atlanta but I'm there often for work and might also be able to help with job opportunities.

Depending on whether you've visited there much or not, you may be in for some srs culture shock. Good times.
Thanks man. Been there a bunch when younger, spent half a month down there this XMas. I'll hit you up.

Originally Posted by Pharm Girl View Post
3 acres ofland to play on.....if u need stuff to put on know
I have definitely been thinking about that haha; but I'm nervous about the smell. The neighbors down the road from where I'll be living are cops so idk. We'll have to talk some more.
Originally Posted by Grieves View Post
Kitch just may be the world's worst super hero. He gets himself into all these moral conundrums and then uses yahooka to solve them.
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