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Arrow My Very 1st PC Build

so i'm doing my very first build. it's been a LONG ass time since i looked into pc hardware and boy have things changed. back when i was into computers 56k modem and 16MB of ram was the cats ass. now i'm older and life is boring so i thought...LETS BUILD A COMPUTER cuz i'm tired of my slow ass piece of shit that can only run quake 2 and watch youtube videos at the lowest settings and i just got a $500 safety bonus from work..haha

Here's what's in the mail:

CPU: Intel i5 4690 3.5 ghz quad core ($220)

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-G1.Sniper z97 ATX ($120) (The name "Sniper" sold me..LOL...i'm a sucker i know)

RAM: G.skill Sniper series 8GB DDR3 1600 (1 stick) ($55) (Sniper RAM got me too..haha)

CASE: Corsair c70 in olive drab ($110), it looks like an ammo can, you guys know i LOVE my

For the gpu i'm really liking the gigabyte gtx 750Ti ($120)...a 120gb Samsung SSD ($70) for my boot drive, western digital 1tb HD ($50) and windows 7 ($85)...these will come later on when funds allow it

i'm trying to keep this as cheap as possible but still good enough to play older games and some newer...i'm no "enthusiast" just a causal gamer but don't want the shit to lag.

don't think i'll need liquid cooling so i'll use the stock fan that comes with the i5 and maybe a two or three $10 fans randomly mounted

PSU's are pretty cheap about $40 for something decent

I don't know the 1st thing about BIOS so i hope i don't screw this up but i've been doing a lot of research.

Would appreciate any input if i'm over spending or suggestions on different gear?

It's nice to be back
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