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Everything looks fine, but some tips:

- obviously you need the 'things that come later' immediately otherwise you can't use your computer
- the GPU you've selected is a good choice for what you're looking for, $120 for that card is a good price.
- $40 power supply? Maybe you can pull that off since your GPU isn't too power hungry, just be sure to get one that's 80 plus certified.
- the RAM is a bit on the low side .. but the price is fine and is probably enough for the games you'll play.. but I would go for a bit more if you can
- The processor is long in the tooth too, but again, probably good enough for most games today. Personally I'd try to spend the extra hundred bucks and get an i7 at that speed. That i5 might be okay for now but it's gonna be outdated very soon.

But yeah, as it is this PC should be able to run the majority of AAA games currently out on mid range specs and give you decent performance.

With the games that are coming out though... I'd boost that processor and play my Fallout 4 in all its intended glory.
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