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and if youre after newest games, i hate to say it but youre not going to get alot out of a 750 ti. already its dated and youll be running games in low-med. i know it sounds rough but you should probably invest a bit more if youre looking to go that route. a gtx 970 is only $300ish but its a great card for 1080p gaming and will last a while before you have to upgrade. a gtx 960 would have been much more desirable than a 750ti and its price range isnt really all that high either.

thats a great motherboard but id suggest spending the extra $10 on the gigabyte z97 SLI compatible one.

16 gb is overkill as well for gaming. i5-4690 is the way to go on the cpu though. you could easilly get by with 8 gigs. with ram 2 x 4 will perform better than a 1 x 8 gig stick respectively because its more efficient to run it in pairs. maybe take the extra money and put it towards a better graphics card. if youre really serious about gaming though, that would be a must. also a 4690k (overclockable ) and a cheap cooler like a hyper 212 evo would be worth it, even though its bulky and tricky to install, its cheap and super efficient. . a 600 watt corsair psu would be more than enough for you to enjoy todays games to the fullest and still have juice for added upgrades.

but it all comes down to price and what youre willing to pay. if you really want to game and you insist on keeping the 750 ti, at the very least you should swap the motherboard for a SLI compatible one, buy another 750 ti to pair with it, and throw in some fans and a cooler.

if youre just after some casual gaming on low, that build is fairly decent. i would at least try to go with the 4690k instead, just in case one day you decide to want to overclock. for gaming its really not one thing you really want to skimp out on. but neither is the gpu
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