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Considering what hashplant said about the GPU, he's right that the 750 ti is getting old and it probably won't cut it by the end of 2016 for the new stuff, but you said you're not a big enthusiast, and he's being a little over dramatic about what you will or won't get out of that rig.

I'm not sure what kind of games you're into, but I chose a handful of the popular ones

With your selected rig you will be able to run:
- GTA V on high settings
- The Witcher 3 on med settings
- City Skylines on high settings
- Project Cars on high settings
- Crysis 3 on med.. quite possibly high settings
- Dying Light on med settings
- Shadow of Mordor on high settings

.. anyway you get the idea. Your rig is fine for contemporary games, and thanks to the relative shittiness of the PS4 and Xbone, its lifespan might even be greater than you might think.
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