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This 1 time about 40+ yrs ago, a buddy & I were down in Nogales, Mexico drinking 10 cent shots of tequila (yeah, the 'top shelf' shit) at a bar that had a dirt floor. There were loose chickens & lord knows what other farm animals were roaming the joint. We were sitting at the bar & a really filthy old Mexican, next to my pal, pulled out about 10 white pills from his pocket with dirt on them. He motioned for my buddy to grab a couple, which he did, handed me 1 & said to down it. I was on about my 8th rotgut shot of tequila when the Mexican held out the handful of pills & in broken English, told my pal to take a couple. He grabbed 2 of them, handed 1 to me & we both took them, washing them down with a cerveza.
After they were already down, I thought it might be a good idea to find out what we just popped. My friend kept trying to ask the dude what those pills were & all we got was, "Que?" Found out they were Mandrax...Mexican ludes.
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