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Being Around People Troubles me Sometimes.

I've spent many years isolated.. Besides this place and close family to talk to I really stay low key in regards to being a "social" person..

I'm just starting to get out and make friends or try to anyways..
I had some friends but lifestyle changes etc.

Think is, is, I can be around people for so long and then I get highly irritable..
Not by everyone, but by majority..

I find a lot of the people I meet tend to be needy.. Or want something from me.. I am compassionate and empathetic and also not a walking doormat....
I think I over analyze people..

I mean if we are hanging out cool..

I don't know..

I hang around a lot of addicts and they are very needy people.. Some of them..

I have a hard time handling it..
I try to help but..

Sometimes and lately I'm like fuck this!

And not just people in recovery..

I mean I barely have time for myself.. I remember to shower smoke and drink coffee and draw and go to work.. Eat sometimes and that's about it..

Fuck me!


Leave me alone damnit!

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