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I think I know what the problem is..

It's me not them..

My problem isssss..

I don't have the balls to sayyy.. "No"
To set boundaries with people yet.

I have had a couple incidents of people overstepping boundaries and instead of being forthcoming with my feelings.. What do I do?

I bottle it up and then bitch and complain about it.. Behind their backs and to other people which is totally uncool making myself feel bad and look like an asshole all at the same time when all I have to do is be straight up to begin with and say "hey that's not cool" or " sorry I'm not available" instead of blaming others..

It's me..
I need to chillax.

Lol it's like schizo in here

"I browse at work. If some nerd had a problem with dicks I'd stare him in the eyes then magnify the picture in question without saying a word."

"Shit is cash I love to lose myself to narrative while simultaneously soaking in nature and watching the frogs bang."

"NCC: A Cautionary Tale of Condoms and Crises", OR "YOLO: Ballsack Barnacles & Babies"

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