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Originally Posted by Sage Tree View Post
If I read this correctly.... that it's ripe with sarcasm....

I'd say that there is a difference between looking good, feeling good, having that noticed.....
and getting whooped at (being objectified).

I don't feel that anyone enjoys being objectified,
and can think of lots of examples when people doing so to me feel insulting to who I am/how I dress/where I am at etc....
See my whole perspective is that I am in control of my feelings and I don't give the power up to others to control my mind. Thats how i personally view those things.

Sometimes it's good though, Ive definitely had unpleasant experiences with other peoples opinions that caused me to re-evaluate something. Like the last time I wore zipper pants, the kind that zipper in to shorts. I'm thankful I gave that up as a regular article of wear.

And Reverie I'm with you, but i'd like to add the questions 'is this okay' 'is this damaging' 'does it effect me'

I think we all know also that people have desires that do not agree with their actions. Self sabatoging types that are very obvious all the way to people that are just uncomfortable or depressed because they surround themselves with a life that they ultimately dont want.

People might often espouse that they don't agree with certain images but at the same time consume them massively. Consider reality tv formats that still dominate broadcasting. How often do people actually admit that they love it? Seems pretty rare.

We definitely don't live in a perfect society and we never will but it's going to be interesting to see where things are at 20 years from now when we'll have a few generations having grown up with access to all kinds of information.

I really hope we're all still talking about this then. <3
Originally Posted by Mercury View Post
i've struck the absolute perfect balance between gay and smart

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