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Originally Posted by Geeno View Post
It really is a tremendously interesting subject. Thats why we keep coming back to it
How 3-d printers work is interesting to most people because they only hear about them.

I would agree interesting.... generally speaking.

But leaven that interest by saying it's incredibly important,
as it effects people day to day, man, woman and child. (and beyond in my own opinion)

This is why I extend It-All beyond sentient, human life though...

Feminism is about the sexes yes....
but it's also about looking at what we know,
and why we know it...... Deconstruction, Decolonizing....

Looking at all the evidence. Not just what confirms a larger,
unspoken, uninvestigated story of 'who we are' that we accept....
But might not consciously agree with.

And that sort of of complacency, while challenging to consider,
can hold back all of existence....

Originally Posted by Geeno View Post
See my whole perspective is that I am in control of my feelings and I don't give the power up to others to control my mind. Thats how i personally view those things.
While I understand what you are saying....
I suppose the territory I'm leaning towards is that of personal safety.

While I am glad you feel confident in 'not giving up your mind to control',
and am happy you are able to welcome the vulnerable place in your mind,
to consider other ideas as well.

We definitely don't live in a perfect society and we never will but it's going to be interesting to see where things are at 20 years from now when we'll have a few generations having grown up with access to all kinds of information.
I am really proud of my niece. She started asking tough questions, about two years ago, about what was 'ok', in regard to her body, what others were allow to do with it, and where/who the women are in a particular thing, be in science, sports, history, as well as noticing the lack-of/diversity in TV and how society in portrayed. She's currently 14 and in 9th grade. And her step-brother is equally curious about these things. I definitely wasn't on that exact page, when I was in 9th grade.

I really hope we're all still talking about this then. <3
Frankly, I hope we aren't.... like we don't but/hear mention polio, the legality of inter-racial marriage etc.... Wouldn't you agree?
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