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I would say, in those more extreme cases you bring up, like an major eating disorder, it does prey on folks' self esteem, no doubt, and certainly there is something deeper going on there.

But I feel it also sows a lot of seeds in 'normal' folks' heads as well, men and women.... and it's those ideas of image,
that permeate society as 'normal' that I feel are the most dangerous to the 'average' person.

You're definitely correct in your Joneses example, and that's the 'dangerous thinking'.... at least 'wasteful thinking' I mention above.
Imagine if people we lead to believe the Joneses where spending their money on alternative energy, sustainable landscapes and feeding the needy?

Originally Posted by Geeno View Post
It's amazing what is accepted and what's considered damaging. There was a northcarolina women recently made blind because she felt she was always supposed to be.

This is why, in sound medical practice, there is consultation with a mental health professional before procedures.

My brother-in-law was shocked to find this would take place with a gastric-by pass.

Out of curiosity.... was she professionally blinded or was this a Do-it-at-home thing?
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