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Well there's no sense in splitting too many hairs about it. We both don't like oppression. For now I'd say that's enough.

"So instead of looking at who is oppressed/suppressed the most.

Look at it this way.

Who has benefited the most through suppression and oppression?

I'm telling you it's not women and minority populations.
That is pretty damned clear, mate."

Well in all cases it's the oppressor who benefits of course.

Your average man isn't the oppressor though. He's just another person caught up in all the confusion.
Yet a lot of outspoken feminists (not the majority of feminists) convey an attitude contrary to this, and it's the voices of those people that end up reaching the most ears. We hear: men are the oppressors. NO. The oppressors are men and they favour men. But men are not the oppressors. The oppressors could be women, and still, women would not be the oppressors. The oppressors could be lizards! But I'm not gonna blame my iguana and tell it that it needs to join me in the fight against oppressive lizards otherwise it's complicit in their reptilian evil empire.

Your average guy is just trying to make his way though life, and having some stranger harp on him because he's an oppressive male and needs to unite under the feminist banner is just plain counterproductive.
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