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Originally Posted by Sir-Ex View Post
Well there's no sense in splitting too many hairs about it. We both don't like oppression. For now I'd say that's enough.
This is true, no doubt.

Your average man isn't the oppressor though. He's just another person caught up in all the confusion.
Yet a lot of outspoken feminists (not the majority of feminists) convey an attitude contrary to this, and it's the voices of those people that end up reaching the most ears. We hear: men are the oppressors. NO. The oppressors are men and they favour men. But men are not the oppressors. The oppressors could be women, and still, women would not be the oppressors. The oppressors could be lizards! But I'm not gonna blame my iguana and tell it that it needs to join me in the fight against oppressive lizards otherwise it's complicit in their reptilian evil empire.

Your average guy is just trying to make his way though life, and having some stranger harp on him because he's an oppressive male and needs to unite under the feminist banner is just plain counterproductive.
Hmmm.... I think rather than man or women.... since women too can participate in oppression.... this is why patriarchy (world view) was embraced.

I think the reason that Third Wave Feminism and other things like Black Lives or Occupy come up against such resistance is this.

Systemic Oppression.

No one WANTS to be an oppressor, or believe they have an unearned privilege over another, or support that kind of system/society.

But the thing is we are and we do....
And it happens even within the marginalized groups themselves.

The reason it comes up against such a wall of resistance, is because it is a wall.
It's a well established order, in which a majority of people are very comfortable,
as they benefit from this order.

This doesn't mean the wall is perfect, right and just to all people.

There are lots of small ways we ALL help keep that wall up,
most of them unconsciously, because we prescribe to the cultural narrative,
which is construed as absolute Truth, basically.

The personal resistance, myself included at time and in ways, is rejecting the idea that we are somehow part of keeping others down.

I think it's that simple, and it's not an easy pill to swallow.
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