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Hell yeah I remember Garbage.

Version 2.0 was one of my first albums. I still listen to them, their most recent album Not Your Kind of People is awesome.

Personally I don't segregate these bands into genres though. It can be useful to categorize for ease of discussion I suppose, but those bands' sounds are pretty varied.

I mean Pearl Jam has often had a pretty heavy blues influence not found in AIC or STP for example. Also STP did a bunch of like.. 70s rivival sounding stuff. Soundgarden + AiC are pretty similar in a lot of ways, and all four exhibit the use of technical guitar solos at times, whereas a band like Nirvana never really did solos and have quite a different sound from those in general.

And then Garbage, by some considered grunge, had a lot of electronic sound in there and totally different vibe.

Guns n Roses was like a fusion between hair metal and more classic blues influenced rock, and the occasional thrash sensibility of old school metallica on some songs.

Grunge was almost more of a fashion sense with associated attitude than a true musical genre I think.
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