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Saw them on the 'no sleep tour' back in early '82 at the Rainbow theatre in London. 140 decibels, louder than a jumbo jet taking off. People in the front rows bled from their ears.

My first heavy metal album was 'the ace of spades'. Changed my life. Listen to 'Capricorn' on the live album, Lemmy says this one is a slow one so you can 'get mellowed out'.
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sometimes you just gotta agree with bondi.
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I like Iranian donkey dick,.
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There is no political correctness in FFA
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It's probably just you. Marijuana users tend to be mentally ill and the THC just exacerbates their shortcomings as human beings. You can't believe anything a pot-head says, they're all incompetent and unreliable, not to mention liars and murders.
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God I hate being on bondi's side

Video meliora probeque deteriora sequor.
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