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Originally Posted by Sir-Ex View Post
I think she sings about bullshit.

Whether or not the music is good.. I feel I can't really access it because I have such a distaste for what she's actually singing about.
I'm fucking horrible at lyrics. I can't sing along to even my favourite songs because I will forget or just not know what word is being sung. A few times I have shown songs I am into to others only to be told that the lyrics are super depressing and not so fun or light hearted.

So I am the opposite. Lana sounds good to me but I don't really know what she's singing about.

Just to show you how bad at hearing the words to songs, I for the longest time thought the lyrics to this song were.
"In a pie, in a pie. In a bowl, in a bowl" it sounded right to me.

Originally Posted by TheSmeg
a thick, cheeselike, sebaceous secretion that collects beneath the foreskin or around the clitoris.

1810–20; < Latin < Greek smęgma unguent, soap, cleansing medicine
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