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Originally Posted by Geeno View Post

Also I think it's a bit silly to disregard a song just because of the lyrics alone, and what I mean is that a song isn't just made by the lyrics. There's loads of amazing songs that have stupid looking lyrics.
Well, I think that depends on how someone interacts with music.

I think of musical elements or elements of any artistic piece as components.

So in art you may have things like:

Style/ medium
Composition (etc)

In music you may have things like:

Melody and structure
Composition (Etc)

Someone may find certain components of a piece agreeable while they find others disagreeable-- yet still be able to "consume" the artistic product enjoyably. I think that's reasonable.
While art occupies the realm of personal opinion, it can be harder to "consume" something if you dislike more components than you like.

That's where I stand with Lana Del Ray.

I don't find her particular brand of music very compelling. I find more components that I dislike than I like. And yeah, I am definitely someone who places more value on lyrical content.

I contest that pop music deserves more scrutiny because pop culture is consumed on a mass scale and affects audiences to a larger degree than, say, local indie artists. Pop music has the ability to transform trends and inform generations.
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