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I listened to this again a while ago.... I was really entranced by dub, and then, eventually I became more interested in where the samples came from.... and I remember you posted this.

So I wanted to open this thread up again..... I'm always putting reggae/dub/etc, in my playlists, and finding new stuff..... I wanted to keep sharing.

When I was looking up "....Curse of the Vampires" album I came across this!
Very cool find, I had to listen before I could post

There is a Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus Album that comes in two formats.... One is the Original "Rastafari" album + Dub, each track followed by the dub.
And then there is "Rastafari in Dub" on ROIR... hard to find, but I obtained the re-release some time ago.
I find the one or the other, easier to listen to, but to tune one's ear to dub,
the back and forth mix is pretty cool.
I like the "CotV" album, as well as the album you posted...
So here is a mix

Now to add some more:

I'll start with a classic Lee "Scratch" Perry, Black Ark Studios' masterpiece:
A solid vocal/drum group backed up by the Upsetters.
No other album was recorded/produced by Perry, and while good,
none ever sounded as good as this sleek, beauty.

Good Roots!

Burning Spear! You MUST know this, man! Period.
Been making great roots reggae since the early 70s and still does.

Vivian Jackson aka. "Yabby You" is one of my favourite Roots Reggae artist/producers,
and he has a really interesting life story. Among that, he's a Christian Rasta.
This album, listed here as his backing back "The Prophets" delivers a lyrically heavy album.

Only if you like getting dubbed upside the heady by Roots would I recommend this two disc Yabby Original and Dub Comp:

A single track offering.... Love me some Itals vocal harmony:

Keith Hudson is a lesser known producer/artist,
I really like his own work..... Good Dubby Roots album.
There was another post earlier in the thread, more dub-centric,
Anyway.... one I enjoy. The Deluxe version has all the song's dubs as well:

OK... now for some newer efforts:

Midnite, Virgin Islands Reggae.... really like the vibe,
as well as the other stuff coming out from the VI.

First a vocal album that had me from the title alone:

A Dub album of earlier and a few new releases:

Some of Midnite Bands albums are more like Burning Spear,
full of heady, long verse, laid back vibe, chants, no repeats..... prime stuff.
They also back lots of other VI reggae artists to similar musical effect.

Others are lyrically similar, full of well spoken verse,
but delivered in a more dance hall/rapping/DeeJay Style.
It has the same vibe, but always seemed served up just differently to remain fresh.

Lastly.... I'll post a purely dub album by Bad Brains.
Here is one for your bass speakers. Definitely enjoy this one every time.

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