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Originally Posted by Captain Cannabis View Post
recently been spinning a lot of:
the sunshiners
irieFM (a friend of mine plays in the band)
10 ft ganja plants
the aggrolites

and more on the dub side:
the slackers in dub (album)
hallucinogen in dub

and on the ska side:
one night band (montreal)
the slackers
wikeda (bulgaria)

not sure where to classify it but it still fits in this thread:
10 Ft is one of my favourites. Really enjoy the albums they did with John Brown's Body as well.

The Aggrolites are a good throwback sound. You'd like Hepcat too I think.

Skatalites original stuff is very clean, but I prefer their dub sound myself.

I think I've heard some of what you mentioned, Ott, in particular....
but will definitely get out there and look for what I can find.

I really like dub albums of non-reggae artists.
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