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MLB 2016 thoughts and predictions

NL East
1. Washington Nationals
Should run away with it this year. During a 162 game schedule, managerial moves are more about luck than anything else. Dusty Baker is a "people person" and what this team lacked last year was chemistry. That should change this year .
2. NY Mets
Could be the best starting rotation in baseball. Offense was challenged last year until they picked up CÚspedes. That was lightning in a bottle, and i expect the offense to be enemic this year. Pitching will keep them in the playoff picture
3. Miami Marlins
They have three talented offensive players: Gordon, Stanton and Yelich, a very good defense, but one quality starting pitcher. Should be around the 500 mark all year, but not much more
4. Philadelphia Phillies.
Rebuilding started 2 years too late. The pitching staff has three good young starters with high upside potential and one veteran with high upside in Hellickson who is trade bait . The offense outside of Franco consists mainly of utility players that individually could help a good team, but they can't carry an offense, which will struggle to score runs all year. A below 500 team
5. Atlanta Braves
They started really tanking the last month of 2015, and that will continue this year. A dreadful team with little pitching and no offense. could lose 100+ games easily

NL Central
1. Chicago Cubs
Solid up and down the lineup, good, if not outstanding pitching. Should make it to the NL Championship series
2. Pittsburg Pirates
Great outfield. suspect infield decent pitching. They really maximize their talent and should compete for a wildcard spot as they do every year. no chance at the division title
3. St. Louis Cardinals
Decent pitching will keep them competitive, offense is getting old and lacks talent. a 500 team
4. Reds
Rebuilding. two good young pitchers in Iglesias and Finnegan. Votto, Bruce and Phillips are trade bait, rest of the offense is poor. well below 500
5. Brewers
Nothing about the way this team is built suggests a team that can compete. well below 500
NL West
1. Giants
best team in the NL top to bottom. should beast the Cubs in the NL championship series
2. Dodgers
This is a poorly run organization, for as much talent as they have. they had a glaring problem with the bullpen last year and never addressed it. Choosing rather, to get older and slower at the trade deadline as well as the previous off-season. New manager won't help. should compete for wildcard
3,4,5 Rockies, Padres,Arizona. in that order. not worth expounding on.

AL East
1.Baltimore Orioles
Good starting pitching and dynamic offense should keep them near the top of the division all year
2.Toronto Blue Jays
Aging offense with just enough starting pitching should keep them competitive atop the division.Team will have to rebuild next year
Just enough young offensive talent to keep things interesting up to the all-star break. finishes at 500
4. Yankees
Questionable starting pitching. aging offense keep this team around 500 , no one wins built around a bullpen. Bullpens are the final piece to the puzzle, not the main piece
5 Rays
Continues to be a feeder organization for other clubs
AL Central
1 Royals
This is what "billy ball" should look like. just enough pitching to keep them competitive for the division. high contact offense, good bullpen
2. White Sox
Top three of the rotation are good, decent offense, one or two moves away from division title
3. Tigers
this team was a closer away from two World Series championships. now the offense is good but ageing and the starting pitching is questionable. Should be competitive through the all star break
4 Indians
Starting pitching will keep them competitive within the division/wildcard, will struggle offensively
5. Twins
this is not a major league team
AL West
1. Texas
Good offense and one Ace will keep them near the top of the division. Lacks pitching depth
2. Astros
exciting offense, i expect the team to regress this year after over achieving in 2015, lacks pitching depth
3 Angels
Shallow lineup, not much offense after Trout. Top three pitchers should keep them competitive within the division
4. Mariners
this team is an enigma to me. decent top third of the rotation, lacks power offensively. should be around 500
4 Oakland
see Tampa Bay Rays

Bold prediction: A-rod will fail to bat over .200 or hit 20 HRs
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