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Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Honestly Sir-Ex has the right idea. You can send your resume to a million people, but the ones that count are the ones that give you an interview. This is where you need to kill it.

I read a lot so I have gotten very good at this whole new-wave meme where interviewers ask you shit like "can you think of a time you disagreed with a manager, and what did you do?" I can literally spin stories for every one of these questions on the fly. I think once back in the day I made up a whole story that was literally an Office Space reference and I ended up getting that job.

As Demosthenes said: delivery, delivery, delivery. That's not only how you win arguments but how you also get jobs.
A job interview is a two-way street. You want to make sure the company is as good for you as you are for them. I turned down two other job offers with signing bonuses and counteroffers when I told them I was taking the cybersecurity job. On my first boss interview once i got past HR, I checked out his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. His first sentence was "I'm basically trying to see if you're a liar or not." Right then and there I wanted to work there.

Then we got into the technical stuff, and I was just as impressed with him as he was with me.
Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. -H. Bergson
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