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Originally Posted by shai_hulud View Post
so the best way to level that i've found is hold off evolving/transferring common pokemons until you are level 9 and get the lucky egg. you now get double experience (using the lucky egg) evolving them (1000 exp instead of 500!) and can advance 3 levels easy. boom level 12 whaaaat. (results may vary depending on number of evolves)

hoard your low level duplicates people!
I just hit lvl 9. What's this lucky egg thing
Originally Posted by tedkennedy View Post
i was using it to treat an ear infection and I figured, "hey, why not pour some of this on my balls?"
Originally Posted by Debaser
It's like we're in fucking bizarro world or something. Smoke a joint? Go to jail! Kill an entire ecosytem, and possibly much more than that? Get a golden parachute.

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