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Flowers, Veggies, Fruits

Anybody growing any good stuff? I got my usual veggie garden, having a hard time with grass right now. Got the first tomatoes I have been able to grow in about 5 years! and the first yellow squash in two years, before critters kill the vine. Best onion crop I think I have ever had... Texas Sweets I think they are... garlic didn't do so well this year, it was small...

The two green things are called Barese, it's an Italian cucumber/melon. They say you can eat it like a cucumber small or a melon when it's bigger. The one I have eaten was good, it was about two pounds, but it tasted just like a good tasting cucumber. It has a seed cavity like a cantalope, you just cut it out, and the peel is really thin, I just ate it without peeling it. It was good in salad.
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