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Odd Future Odd Feelings

I was a huge fan of Frank Ocean's 2012 Debut Channel Orange in 2012. It was in my top three albums released that year. I was happy to see it was well received in the general public too. I am pretty disappointed in Blond but even that being the case I think Nights is my favourite song of 2016. For whatever the reason the song brings a flood of memories back to me. Memories of my first girlfriend, tredding through shitty jobs, substance abuse issues, my parents. I don't ever think I could go to an Odd Future show due to the "hype type" audience they seem to attract but Tyler, Earl, and Frank talk about some pretty deep shit if you listen to their albums. I was half tempted to post this in FFA so you could make fun of me because lets be honest this thread is pretty gay but I was wondering what albums or songs bring back memories and moments for you?

Even as irrelevant as it it I don't I can ever listen to "Stuck in the Middle with you" without thinking of Mr. Blonde torturing a cop.
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