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Nice. Yeah i like to bake brownies with coconut oil. (Regular brownies)

My two go to oils these days are coconut for baking or raw stuff like smoothies, avacado oil for frying.

One day ill get into edibles more. As of now i have no experience though.

Well except for the time i made a couple "firecrackers" with a recipe i got off of yahooka like 10 years ago with the first gram of weed i ever bought. Well only half of it. Smoked the first half. Didnt have any smoking devices tbough so i tried to make an edible with the rest.

Just used some oily natutal peanut butter on saltine crackers and sandwich the weed in between. Then wrap in foil and bake for idr how long.
Cant say if it worked though bevause i ended up going out and buying more and smoking. Id imagine itd work though lol.
And that was the beginning of stoner fenderbender.
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