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If you try making edibles again I'd highly recommend de-carbing first. Been covered in a few threads here, but it's basically pre-heating the herb to convert THCA (not orally active) to THC (orally active).

The soy lecithin thing is something that I've never seen on yahooka, but have seen it on other sites and have heard from commercial producers that its a real thing. Supposedly its binds to the other fats (lipophillic) and also to water (hydrophillic) making it easier to digest (and thus feel stronger). Supposedly its used with pharmaceuticals to aid in digestive uptake, but I don't know it that's true. Would love for a more pharmacological-minded person to chime in.

I'd use coconut oil in other (non-marijjuana) things but its so expensive! Cheapest I could find it was like $10 for 16oz.

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