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Originally Posted by stoneric View Post
They ran the first down play with 1:06 left. So if they call timeout and Seattle runs it in they have over 50 seconds and one timeout to get a tying FG. If Seattle doesn't score on 2nd down, New England has zero chance. No way I'm counting on what happened to happen and that's all that saved Belichick from a huge embarrassment from an unneeded gamble. Plus they would have been very hard pressed to get in range with 20 seconds left regardless of how many timeouts they had if Seattle had scored on 2nd down. Touchbacks were still at the 20 back then.
yea, you're probably right, the logic is sound, but i think by not calling time out he forced Seattle into throwing the ball on one of the next three downs..not necessarily on second down, with a three receiver set.put the extra tight end in there and you force the Patriots to play the run first
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we need to make the wheels out of pizza.
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Time Bandits!

What's wrong with you people?
katie west is the best

Trump is a pussy

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