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Joey Bada$$ Said He’s A Better Rappers Than Tupac

“I believe that I am one of the minds that ‘Pac said would spark the change in the world,” he tells Genius. “I’m probably not the one that is going to change the world—probably the one after me. It’s also a part of me wanting to have their messages travel further. I know there is a lot of people out there that resonate with me, who don’t necessarily resonate with them. I already know I’m a better rapper than Tupac is. That’s just facts. One on one battle, I’ll flame ‘Pac.”

When I said I was better than PAC (my favorite rapper of all time) I was refering to rap skill. Bar for bar. Not accolades or influence.

Yo Geeno and anyone else that knows the works of both...

What say you?

Joey have more outright talent and better raps than Pac or is this just another case of a youngin' trying to take a seat at the table?
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