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Originally Posted by mothernature View Post
I would like to keep it the same. A pot forum. Part of our mission statement: "uniting our minds in conversation... while Portraying a Positive Image of marijuana and marijuana users to the world."

I agree

Originally Posted by mothernature View Post
I got an email from testclear. It says:

Also, how would we own it? As a group? A co-op? Any lawyers out there?

Proportionate ownership based on money spent and time passed!

a simple formula I might suggest. m(i) is the money invested for a particular month, t(i) is how many months ago the investment was made.
N is the set of investments for who we want to know their percent of ownership (m, t couples)
K is the set of people who make investments
N_k is the set of investments for a particular person in K

It favors investments in yahooka made more recently, where the sigma in the exponent can be tweaked to our liking. For example, sigma = 4, after 6 months the investment loses about 75% of its weighting - increase sigma and you increase how long an investment keeps its value over time.

And maybe introduce something that says like, 50% of the total ownership is determined by the initial cost in buying the domain name, and that part of it doesn't decay with time.
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