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Talking Current happenings in my neck of woods

High everyone!
It's been a while since my last report, and some of you asked what's next, so here it is - new grow, new experience, new problems and new solutions!
I'm roughly a month before harvest. Based on my first grow, my White Widows took 77 days of flowering, and could've gone with another 5-7 days.
This time I'm planing with the same time period, but hope to get it done a bit quicker, since I have a bit better lights, better nutes and hopefully my pests under control!! My plants look better than last time, that's for sure. Although, problems are lurking everywhere, a newbie can never be sure he's totally in control, because the moment we think so, something "mite" prove you wrong.

Enough chitchat, here are the photos!

Clones started directly in coco - cloning gel+powder on, stick em in the growing medium, keep moist but not wet, done!
Name:  2016-11-22 06.25.07_tn.JPG
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They grew leggy and skinny under this double tube LED (36W) on the outside of my makeshift tent while I was fighting a different fight on the inside
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omg, what a crappy start me thinks now as I'm watching these photos. lol. But see the new 600W ViparSpectra (280W real draw) !
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Replanted in grow bags, in coco, put a screen on top (and swore to take proper care of the SCROG this time). Got an IKEA shelf and cut it into 3. Pretty cheap and works. Underneath I made a run-off catching tray with an ice cream box in front, makes it easier to deal with run-off.
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And so, they are taking off to new highs... pun intended
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I'll keep posting later, gotta do some work now!
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