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the photo story goes on

in the following week I got a chance to buy another light, brand new but second hand, 900W LED (240W real draw) KingLED (attention, NOT Kind LED), paid what would be US$70. And so I thought, why run only one light when you can run two for double the (electricity) cost?
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You can see they are producing completely different colours even though they're both claiming to be full spectrum, including IR and UV.
And yes, now I see it - the lights are still too high! I didn't want to burn the plants, I wasn't sure how they'll react, so I went with "better safe than sorry".
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It didn't take long, and I saw these guys IN my run-off tray. Looked like 2 different bugs, or 2 diff stages of life - the winged fungus gnats, and the other guys, that were just dead. Some sort of aphids I guess, never found out what really. Tried my first yellow sticky cardboard for gnats, hmmm...
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