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I'm showing this photo mainly to the people who don't know what they're doing, like me. Look at the screen - that thing became pretty useless, and that because of all that stretch, and so I ended up with exactly what stoneric mentioned above - tall and lanky plants with lanky bud. It will be great to smoke still (if I make it to the end), it's just that buds don't get that tight, and some colas at least might need some support. But they're growing alright!
Day 34
Name:  2017-03-21_17.47.31_tn.JPG
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Day 37
Name:  2017-03-24_17.58.52_cr_tn.JPG
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Day 39
Name:  2017-03-26_07.37.54a_tn.JPG
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Day 42, I like this photo, even though you can see slight leaf tip nute burn.
Name:  2017-03-29_06.41.56_tn.JPG
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Tall and lanky, Day 46
Name:  2017-04-02_07.29.47_tn.JPG
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Hope you like it guys! Comments welcome!
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