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sleep tips?

I realize like half of guidance & support is me whining lol so I'm not going to shitpost plus I do this to myself so I don't care if you make fun of me

Basically been trying to not to bed drunk every night. This means I haven't slept in like three days and I am. so. fucking tired. My mind just goes crazy at night. Everything bouncing off each other and I feel restless and on edge. I toss and turn. I go outside and walking in circles smoking a dozen cigs. My mind feels so jumbled. everything is just yelling at me all at once, it's really frustrating.

Outside of my head stuff I work really late at night and have to sleep partially during the day and I'm super sensitive to light and noise. I live with two unemployed people who are always home making noise. I also have a really hard time sleeping in the summer heat, winter's so much easier for me. Also since I lived with bed bugs for a year I have PTSD from that shit and it constantly feels like my skins crawling or if I see a piece of lint I'll freak out.

Anyone have any tips? I use melatonin but it doesn't do too much. I also have prescription tranqs but they put me out for like sixteen hours and if I do drink within a 24 hour period or so of using I end up in coma for a couple days so I'm trying stay away from drugs in general. Weed used to help but I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from that too. Any bed time winding down traditions would be helpful to hear, thanks.
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