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Work is awesome.
Art is slow.. it'll pick up after work.
Life is progressing slow.

I'm frustrated.
I have been trying to get my life together for 3 and a half years.
I am still trapped at my parents.
I work 12 hour days.. I have been saving my money like crazy trying to get out of here but can't find a rental so I'm trying to see about a mortgage.

I hate it here.
I'm treated like a child still lol
My sister comes over everyday with her 3 kids and she's a bitch.
We had a fight a couple of weeks ago because she's mental. I know I have my own issues but she's fucked.

Everyday for the passed 2 mo thes I get off of a 12 hour day there's her and she's fuckin lazy. And she's yelling at her kids and ordering my kids around to babysit her kids.. then my other sister is there with her kids so there's about 10 kids there altogether and I'm gonna lose my fuckin mind man.
I mean I just wanna come home and relax.

So then the weekend comes and they come over in the weekend too.
My mom has serious arthritis and my fat lazy sister is like.. " go get my baby a bottle" and I say can't you get your own baby a bottle? And she says.. " not if "someone else will". That's the day we got into the big fight. My mom won't not let me do anything for her to help either..
Total dysfunctional family.

It's hard to recover.

When I'm not here I'm great.
When I'm here it's like oppressive. I'm immediately drained of energy and fuzzy in the head and I feel fucked.

I have to get out of here..
I have an appointment on the 30th for with the banker.

I'm venting..
Sometimes I just feel like a zebra getting eaten alive by a pack of lions ass end first.

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