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Originally Posted by Captain Cannabis View Post
yes birch. this is the amount i estimated i would need until mid december. probably i miscalculated but i would rather leave a bit here than run out.

firewood for larger amounts is measured in favn which is 4m long x 1m high x 0.6m deep. for smaller amounts you buy bags of various sizes, most commonly 40/60/80L or large bags of 1m3 or 1.5m3 for non-stacked firewood.

more info-->
I just picture you sitting at a table with 10 reference books and a laptop in front of you calculating this like
Let calories in 1 kilogram birch=x
Let days til Dec 21=y
Let slope of average decline in degrees per day=m
Let volume of house=v
Let desired temperature=d
Let insulation efficiency=e

Realize that every one of those variables has a huge margin of error then just get frustrated and be like yeah 600liters should do it. How much math did you actually do out of curiosity? Like did you nerd out on it?

We used hardwood as a primary heat source for common areas in a 1700sq ft house last winter. It definitely went a lot faster than expected. I think we went through approximately 1.5 cords of nice seasoned hardwood and that was supplemented with electric heat. Guess that's what we get for renting a big beach house in the winter.
resurrection comes
not from iron nails and battered bodies,
but from the pungent warmth
of rich soil and rotting leaves
where dry seeds sprout
and grow toward the sun.

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