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I think you misunderstood.

Sometimes music serves no function other than to entertain...yes it's true.

I listen to alotta different music and take my music VERY seriosuly...if you had even bothered to look at some of the other bands i listen to you would realize they are far from gag bands.

music has pulled me outta alotta deep water over the years as Im sure it has done for you.

Perhaps, if I had said what i wanted to say in a more civilized manner you wouldnt be assuming so much about me.

I'm not willing to fight about this anymore, I know why I listen to music and what it does for's always going to be more than a bunch of instruments together to form a catchy hook.

I love how even though we are fighting like little girls, we still stick to the topic

I offer truce.

Current: Dog Fashion Disco - Castaway
Next up: not sure, maybe some Tea Party.

Oh and maybe I can ask you...Im on the search of something beyond music, but it is still music...if you get me? Any suggestions?
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