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Re: xanax and coke

Originally posted by GirlsHateMe
anybody ever take xanax between and my friend did that last night...

Wed do a gram in a line and when the inital rush wore off wed take a xanax and as soon as it started to kick in wed do another gram in a line...

we did it about 4 or 5 times and the xanax were time released so we were still fucked up after the coke was gone...

anyway its a real cool mix if you ever get the chance to try it....

we just had a quarter and a couple hundred xanax so we figured what the fuck ever...

infact im still real fucked up on xanax cuz I ate 3 or 4 this morning...

I like the yellow bars...
I congradulate your ability to type

i hope you have a fun week
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