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Originally posted by Kurt Cobain
fucking loser

some dumbass who has the misguided idea that being nice to or "defending" some girl on the internet will get him laid...

hahaha too fuckin funny
Maybe not on the internet but he sure as hell would get laid in real life...

Unless he's ugly like Marley$herb...

Then there would be no play for Mr. Gray...
Censored for YOUR protection.

Originally Posted by Woods
Shouldn't you be posting schizophrenic, messianic rants about bullshit no one cares about?
Originally Posted by Bondi Bad Dog View Post
Entering FFA was like entering the gladiator arena.
With Budhead sitting up top like the Caesar occassionally dispensing judgements.
All I am saying was that there were over a hundred very active members and thousands of guests every day checking out FFA.

What do we have today??????????????? ??????

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