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Space Invaders
Moon Lander


Player with most highscores Player with most highscores Player with most highscores
(2 Highscores)
(2 Highscores)
Mull D
(2 Highscores)

King of the Arcade Leader of Leaderboard
Mull D
got 2 times
the High Score of all time
Mull D
with a score of 67
Newest Champions 
SOUL ASSASSIN is the new Simon champion! 07-13-2010
Captain Cannabis is the new Tetris champion! 11-13-2009
Mull D is the new Asteroids champion! 10-26-2009
Mull D is the new Pacman champion! 10-13-2009
CowMan is the new Snake champion! 10-06-2009
Latest Arcade Score 
geoffreaux Scored 55320 points playing Asteroids
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