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  1. They were lucky the house wasn't seized first....
  2. The Texas church shooting....
  3. Anyone watch 60 Minutes???
  4. Shakira 2020
  5. Las Vegas shooting
  6. My comment on St. Louis....
  7. Your tax dollars at work.....
  8. The perfect arguement for legalization
  9. I've been saying this for over 25 years...
  10. The Asshole of the Week thread.....
  11. Go Jets!!!!!
  12. Anyone watch the History Channel???
  13. Go Jesse.....
  14. Look what I found.....
  15. More tax dollars at work...
  16. Your tax dollars at work.....
  17. Way to go Vermont.....
  18. Fun with the neighbors......
  19. Like wow dude.....
  20. A very simple solution....
  21. Sit down before opening post......
  22. Good thing I was sitting down....
  23. Mr. Capone doesn't like leaks; especially to the Russians
  24. So, has everyone here been doing this too.
  25. Russia guilty
  26. For first time, U.S. doesn't veto Security Council resolution condeming Israel
  27. Mexican Senate Approves Medical Marijuana
  28. Great article-well written
  29. Gwen Ifill
  30. Trump Elected U.S. President: a National Trauma
  31. First American Pipe Line
  32. YALE
  33. $$ Money Videos $$
  34. So much for hope and change
  35. Jesse Ventura article
  36. TRUMP 2016!
  37. Milwaukee happening
  38. Good Article
  39. Front Page News
  40. Possible level 5 Happening: Turkey
  41. BLM Strikes Again!
  42. 10 Officers Shot, Some Say Snipers...
  43. Obama, Duterte (Trump of the Philippines) death squads affirm alliance... 1,400 killings
  44. Brexit 2: Non racial boogaloo
  45. Supreme Court in another attack on the 4th Amendment
  46. Brexit thread *this thursday live*
  47. Working is stupid
  48. 53 people in Orlando
  49. Arpaio; Drug War Criminal
  50. Has the religion of peace struck again?
  51. Operation Green Merchant
  52. Vietnam War ends April 30, 1975 * Fr. Daniel Berrigan RIP April 30, 2016
  53. Anyone familiar with Yuri Bezmenov?
  54. So, are republicans seriously here. Trump, Cruz or the guy who is going to have no chance are the only options
  55. Privately Owned Fed a "Myth"
  56. Introducing: Battle of The Happenings
  57. Is violence the Answer? / What is Peace?
  58. NC HB2 - North Carolina is Best Carolina
  59. Terror attacks in Brussels
  60. Nancy Rayguns died
  62. If you were
  63. Supreme Court Justice Scalia, dead at 79
  64. Microcosm Flint : Earth NO WATER!
  65. Oregon stand-off
  66. Obama gun thing
  67. happening in San bernadino
  68. Synagogue Invites Muslims in After Mosque Arsen
  69. World War I: Through Arab Eyes (Re: Blaming Colonialism)
  70. Federal Study Will Pay You $3,000 Per Week to Consume Cannabis
  72. Refugees
  73. happening in france
  74. Clinton vs. Trump
  75. Bernie Sanders Introduces Bill for Nationwide Pot Legalization
  76. justin trudeau and legalization in canada
  77. Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015, a.k.a. Cyberspying Bill
  78. Let's talk about Iran and nuclear proliferation
  79. War in Afghanistan Extended/Drone Strikes Are Terrorism
  80. I will vote for Bernie
  81. One Vote Away from Legalization
  82. Potgate
  83. Peegate
  84. Incremental Illness
  85. Yukon MP Tackles and Arrests Woman
  86. Say Goodbye to our Freedom Of Speech Canada! "Harperman"!
  87. America's Future IYO
  88. Goodbye fellow Yahookans!!!!
  89. Muchos Gracias Amigos!!!!
  90. This Hour Has 22 Minutes
  91. Democracy in Action
  92. article on the presenditial election
  93. PERCEPTION, or: What the World Looks Like
  94. Hitler the junkie
  95. Guess Which Plant Drug Cartels are Growing Instead of Cannabis?
  96. Cops Eat Edibles and Break Cameras During Dispensary Raid
  97. This is what I was really fighting for
  98. 2016 USA Election Thread
  99. Texas House committee approves full legalization of marijuana
  100. Woah - NDP Win Alberta Majority
  101. 1 hour documentary from PBS....
  102. I just donated to Bernie Sanders
  103. dispensary raided
  104. What 50 years of pot smoking does
  105. Baltimore makin' me proud!
  106. What Do We Really Know About Roundup Weed Killer?
  107. Willie Nelson moves to Colorado
  108. suck a dick idaho
  109. More on the BIG NEWS FLASH!!!!
  110. Vermont Lawmakers Threaten To Reinstate Prohibition If Pot Isn't Legalized
  111. Minimum Wage
  112. BIG NEWS FLASH!!!!!!
  113. Hillary announces bid for presidency
  114. Washington Mayor first legal Marijuana Customer
  115. Letter to Iran
  116. U. of O. SAE Frat fucktards
  117. Yahooka's thoughts on Bernie Sanders?
  118. This guy ties it all up witha bow quite nicely.
  119. How about an official "Outrageous Acts of Oppression" thread?
  120. Kettle Falls 5 Petition
  121. Newscasters
  122. 9/11 Victims Families Have Lawsuit Against the Federal Government
  123. Stupid funny hypocisy
  124. Crazy fuck war mongering Democrats too...
  125. We were right and they were stupid.....
  126. What about Eric Garner tho
  127. California: Harassment Trolling is now a crime
  128. Ferguson grand jury
  129. Beautiful Half Honckey President ! leagalizes everything !
  130. The Second Battle of Fallujah's 10 year anniversary
  131. 6-7% of the US now has legal marijuana, and almost 50% has legal medical marijuana
  132. Fugitive Mexican mayor suspected in ordering massacre of 43 college students captured
  133. Panetta blames Obomba for ISIS
  134. Fracking. Blessing or curse
  136. A plausible but risky way to fight back
  137. 13 years in Afghanistan
  138. The Myth of Religious Violence
  139. Political reality
  140. To food stamps or not to food stamps..??
  141. Alaska news reporter quits
  142. Why sheriffs oppose medical pot: Profits, not public safety
  143. Fuck you, Dick Cheney
  144. The politics of fear
  145. Why we need prohibition....
  146. GOP Judge pwns Gay Marriage Bans
  147. Uruguayans can now sign up to grow pot at home
  148. Fox Reporter gets upset when Ferguson video interrupts
  149. Amish abduction
  150. Michael Brown
  151. Marc Emery released. “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery’s resolve hardened by prison
  152. Have You Ever Heard Of The Ludlow Massacre? The more they change.....
  153. Problem Solvers
  154. Princeton scholars declare USA no longer democratic; is actually an oligarchy
  155. Israel and Palestine should both take each other to the ICC
  156. Will Obama Legalize before he leaves office?
  157. Video about 2 towns in Colorado
  158. Republican reps support crime and drug dealers
  159. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?
  160. Holy Fucking Shit
  161. Increasing domestic surveillance
  162. Create-A-Candidate
  163. Situation in AZ
  164. Berkeley Will Give Free Pot to Those in Need of Weed
  165. Is access to a decent minimum of health care a basic human right?
  166. Who's land is this? US, Can or Natives??
  167. Canada The Land Of The Free And Psycopath..
  168. Hobby Lobby Decision
  169. The Obama Administration vs the Supreme Court (including his appointees)
  170. The superPAC to #disrupt superPACs
  171. Iraq getting run over
  172. NYS Compassionate Care Act
  173. Our Mexican Neighbor
  174. On the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, my question is: Why is news coverage so biased? What about Kwanju?
  175. White People Suck
  176. I'm not saying that Israel is great, but....
  177. MARLEY and TOSH reunite!
  178. NJWEEDMAN 4 CONGRESS (again) 2014
  179. The best thing I have ever seen on the internet
  180. Pity the Palestinians? Count Me Out
  181. 4/20 TRENTON, NJ
  182. random immigration/prohibition stoned rant
  183. Capitalism bought Democracy
  184. Political alignment test
  185. Clapper wins 2013 Rosemary award
  186. Anti-Gun Congressman charged for Gunrunning
  187. I don't even know what to title this shit...
  188. Not just Bachmann
  189. American Government
  190. China: More American Day by Day
  191. Thailand
  192. DEAD - tried to get warm ended up DEAD COLD
  193. Poeple take five more towns as President sends in more Troops?
  194. Talking about countries
  195. Iran Sanctions
  196. America does not want peace.
  197. GOP: You're Poor Because Your Family Sucks
  198. The chicken which Tyson recalled was intended for institutional use such as prisons and schools.
  199. Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism 'tyranny' in manifesto for papacy
  200. Paracuaro is one of the more than one dozen cities and towns where self-defense groups have been formed to fight the Caballeros Templarios drug cartel.
  201. Marijuana, The Best Year Ever
  202. Canada is calling all whores!
  203. Christmas band in Boston!
  204. Uruguay legalises marijuana trade
  205. Nelson Mandela Requiescat In Pace
  206. Iran Facts
  207. New Mexico Police Spray Woman’s Vagina With Mace To “Punish” Her After Drug Arrest
  208. Iran agreement
  209. Sheldon Adelson is a Gigantic Hypocrite
  210. Beirut: How Many Hands Are in the Cookie Jar?
  211. israel doesn't want peace
  212. So... Obamacare is a total trainwreck,
  213. Man, woman forced to pay hospital bills after drug strip search
  214. Swiss study, Yasser Arafat poisoning
  215. Vote today in the USA!
  216. Cease in offensive military action
  217. Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies
  218. 47M Americans, 900,000 veterans food stamp cuts today.
  219. Mexican Citizens take on America's Cartels
  220. Stop Watching Us
  221. Lawyer for the archdiocese discovered abusive priests got special payments for 14 years received nearly $1,000 a month on top of pensions
  222. Monsanto Brings High Yields—And More Cancer—to Argentina
  223. Nevada Marks Thirteenth School Shooting this Year
  224. Six officers were providing security at illegal horse racing track in Crosby, Texas.
  225. Kids Party Clowns Murder Arellano Felix
  226. Global SugarKingPins SugarPushers Make their Move Securing Americas Supply
  227. US House stenographer hospitalized Rants About FreeMasons
  229. Democratic lawmakers among 200 arrested at immigration rally
  230. Brutal sheep mutilations in Port Lavaca, Texas get attention of UFO group
  231. "They were acting like savages."
  232. US Supreme Court Rejects Marijuana Reclassification Appeal
  233. Silk Road shut down
  234. Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act (Folks on the Street weigh in)
  235. NSA GPS's OPP
  236. The 10 richest members of Congress
  237. Health Care
  238. The Honey Launderers: Uncovering the Largest Food Fraud in U.S. History
  239. Pakistan's ISI & L.e.Taliban behind Anti-Christian Attacks
  240. Govt Contractor/Navy Reservist/Rescuer/Shooter/Disgruntled Worker Kills 12 with AR15
  242. Police State aka The United Sectors of America
  243. No federal challenge to pot legalization in two states
  244. Pot and Politicians
  245. California Governor Proposes Massive Prison Expansion To Avoid Freeing Inmates
  246. More african americans in prison than were slaves in 1850
  247. South Texas Judge gets 6 yrs/ $7 million in Restitution "Chump Change Wrist Slap"
  248. Manning sentenced to 35 years
  249. Musharaff / Benazir Bhutto Assassination Trial
  250. Cops Ran Out of Free Doritos in 10 Minutes at Seattle Pot Festival