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  1. Using Special Relativity to Prove Determinism
  2. Post your "Daily" Spiritual Signs or Experiences.
  3. 4 plants for every household
  4. Scottish Rite Temple Corner Stone (time capsule) found after (Arson) Fire
  5. Alcohol and being spiritual?
  6. thank you
  7. Conservatives Need Liberals and Vice Versa
  8. Lent
  9. Climate Change and Extinction.
  10. Overcome Porn Addiction by using World Mythologies
  11. An unexplained experience
  12. WEEKLY COLUMN: Passing the Joint
  13. Which is better?
  14. Negative Energy/ Places
  15. Being single in your twenties.
  16. Sir-Ex's point-by-point response to a feminist article his University sent him in a global email
  17. Stoned meaning of life ponderings <3
  18. Joyce Meyer Power Thoughts
  19. If the world was perfect
  20. Loneliness
  21. Death
  22. random high thought
  23. Connection and Psychedelics
  24. Do you trust your intuition or logic?
  25. Attachments
  26. What does seeing the same number everyday mean?
  27. self love - the only problem (besides wet socks)
  28. some help with logic
  29. Realizations
  30. Bell Pepper
  31. Insults
  32. Does This Happen In Your Mind?
  33. Thoughts on Ego
  34. Thoughts on Cultural Appropriation and Yoga?
  35. 10+ Commandments
  36. Multiple in-dream awakenings
  37. My next question about the paradigm shift
  38. Gravity
  39. Do you believe in a shift in consciousness/paradigm shift?
  40. Real Grown Ups
  41. Shadow People
  42. Laws of Attraction....
  43. Is a military draft a form of slavery?
  44. Creating our stories
  45. This is SO AWESOME!!! WE Are so Insignificant.:)
  46. Enemy of the Reich: The Noor Inayat Khan Story
  47. Word of the Day
  48. Random Dream Log Thread
  49. Feeling Drawn to Places/Countries
  50. Parenting Questions
  51. UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew
  52. Encouraging hallucinogen use
  53. How Many English Words Do You Actually Know?: A quiz that might teach you a few more
  54. Ever been on a retreat?
  55. Does the good organized religion do outweigh the bad?
  56. To escape...
  57. Personal growth
  58. A Concealed Teacher: Trauma, Healing and Spirituality
  59. Why Do We Choose The People We Choose To Be With In Relationships...
  60. Homeopathy
  61. Interesting article on Free Will
  62. Post Pictures Of Places You Have Been To In Your Dreams
  63. Random Higher Thoughts
  64. Official WISH List for The Naughty and Nice
  65. Human Nature without Human Nurture / stoned ramblings
  66. I think I am Having Spiritual Experiences? Signs?
  67. Whats missing from your life?
  68. Cynical People...
  69. What are your thoughts on mental illness?
  70. bacillius thuringiensis israelensis + methoprene granules??? bti?
  71. Simple crop circle theory
  72. Sleep Paralysis/Astral Projection
  73. Lets talk about spirituality.
  74. When the Muslims Ruled Europe: A documentary on Muslim Spain
  75. Zoroastrians- People of the Flame: A documentary about one of the world's oldest faiths
  76. Rastamentary: A documentary on The Rastafari Way
  77. Passover
  79. Forward slow, backward zap!
  80. 150 grams MAX in posession
  81. Thought creates reality
  82. No More Seeds to be sold in Ontario
  83. Healing and the Mind: The Mystery of Chi
  84. Doing what you came here to do
  85. who created weed?
  86. Oppressed Majority by Eleonore Pourriat
  87. Supernormal Stimuli
  88. No Regrets?
  89. Killers
  90. Animal Totems
  91. Spiritual Paranoia
  92. Where do you guys think we are on the size scale of things?
  93. The ***OFFICIAL*** Honeybee thread
  94. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  95. Philosophy of THE WEEK: Huna
  96. Past Lives
  97. 'I am' a documentary about change, from the director of 'Ace Ventura'
  98. Reflection
  99. Restoring brain plasticity
  100. New thread series: philosophy of the week
  101. Part of why we need sleep...
  102. White People Need a Non-White Jesus
  103. What's the most you've ever felt?
  104. Eternal recurrence
  105. Communicate with a drawing..
  106. Shane Koyczan
  107. Bacon
  108. Plants ''Not stupid. Just mildly interesting at best.''
  109. ''Have You Tried the Six Varieties of Love?'' The expanse of word Love for Greeks
  110. Exposure to suffering
  111. Official! Spiritual Enlightenments Thread.
  112. The Ganzfeld Effect...
  113. Anyone want to learn to lucid dream or astral project or go out of body?
  114. Mars / little space rant
  115. Horror Author Dennis Wheatley MI5 stranger than fiction Future come True
  116. This is water
  117. Russell Brand Interviews Westboro Baptist Church
  118. O World Project Interview - Mooji
  119. Jungs Red Book
  120. Intelligence for dummies
  121. Unplugging the disconnect
  122. Concept to Experience
  123. Identity
  124. Judging books by their covers....
  125. Love
  126. What Stereotypes Do You Fit?
  127. The Pope: How the Church will change (Interview)
  128. Jews Don’t Fit Into A Stereotype (And Never Have) : Article
  129. Cool shit in the future
  130. I've been thinking for awhile about genetics and consciousness.
  131. Divine Intervention :Caught on Tape:
  132. You'll Thank Me Later
  133. 250lb Man Satisfaction form a granola bar? A Nation of Dinosaurs Cant Sustain itself.
  134. If you found out tomorrow
  135. Thought/challenge
  136. 4 Ways Jesus Was Like a "Millennial Christian"
  137. Buying and Selling Stuff On-Line
  138. If you dropped dead right now........
  139. Allegory of the Chariot
  140. How do you center yourself?
  141. Systematic Theology
  142. Another thought experiment
  143. Sum up your entire belief system
  144. Over thinking and negativity.
  145. Pope says non-believers can go to heaven.
  146. A Drunk Thought
  147. Spiritual practice as an equivelent to gaining lucidity in a dream
  148. Define these things for me
  149. individuality's self-destructive nature
  150. What would you manifest if you could?!
  151. Hinduism and Hare Krishna
  152. Objects of focus and LOA
  153. A thought experiment
  154. Loneliness Epidemic
  155. Friedrich Nietzsche’s Guide to Conquering Your Existence
  156. Symphony of the Nearly Dead
  157. Empty Self
  158. Meaning is healther than happiness
  159. Existence
  160. The idea that
  161. Gardens
  162. Ambassadors to the future
  163. Cave painters were trippin balls yall
  164. Is it possible
  165. ****Official Ramadan 2013 Thread****
  166. Human head transplants...and associated philosophical/ moral issues
  167. Essential oils
  168. Reiki
  169. Pipe Dreams~~~~
  170. The Plan
  171. Just a Pinch
  172. Headin' to WalMart in us to see if it's true!!!
  173. what's the point?
  174. Mutants or Cyborgs
  175. Drugs, expansion and awareness.
  176. ***Official I Love the Earth thread (Random Environmental News)***
  177. Ask me anything about anything.
  178. Top Ten Ways Islamic Law Forbids Terrorism
  179. Why CERN exists
  180. Who Said It: SpongeBob Or Nietzsche?
  181. Dopamine and Defecation?
  182. Mystery Schools
  183. salvation
  184. 4.5 Billion Earth Like Planets Nearby!
  185. Osho: Ego, False Center
  186. any idea what the doctrine of discovery is all about???
  187. Göbekli Tepe oldest temple suggests the urge to worship sparked civilization.
  188. The 'Coincidences' Thread
  189. Salvia's mirror analogy
  190. Spiritual evolution and dealing with blockages
  191. Marriage..
  192. Nothing... and...
  193. Weed: For what ales you
  194. Learning Environment
  195. Light as a Feather Stiff as a Board Hidden Initiation Description (as Game)
  196. Dreams
  197. Pure Presence
  198. satan
  199. The institution of Ego
  200. GLOBAL
  201. Why are you spiritual?
  202. What would people do?
  203. Weed and Reality
  204. The Classics
  205. Mother NAture
  206. smoking ritual/special places
  207. Losing my religion for equality
  208. Sacred Geometry
  209. Where would you like to explore?
  210. share your recent spiritual advancements
  211. let us build the most awsome earth utopia
  212. Rumi passed away on Dec 17, 1273. This date is known as Sheb-i Arus (Wedding Night)
  213. Secret Society Secret Power Plant
  214. Sages
  215. Philosophy: A guide to happiness
  216. Give a child a goat... but seriously what a great idea!
  217. Uncomfortable..
  218. Cool science discovery of the day: Dopamine
  219. Chanting
  220. Moments in Sync
  221. A Gray Matter: Another look at Buddhism and neuroscience (article)
  222. I am the boundary of reality...
  223. 6.3 MAG in B.C. Again~~~~~~!!!!
  224. Mercury, Venus and Saturn alignment...~
  225. spiritual awakening is incredibly uncomfortable at best; painful at worst. also: 2012 energies?
  226. Why Does God Love Beards?
  227. 5 scientific theories head explode
  228. A short insight...
  229. Shifting gears and a little introspection
  230. Rumi Appreciation Thread/ Sept 30 Rumi's Birthday
  231. Crowley/mysticism
  232. Social Drugs
  233. Life lessons...
  234. Head Full of Stories
  235. I Love Animals, They're Delicious
  236. Spirit Science
  237. atheists and determinism and the "twig in the river"...and other such things
  238. The Revealing..
  239. What do you really want...
  240. Loving-Kindness Meditation (Generating Metta)
  241. The Hedonistic Imperative
  242. Defeating Dictators
  243. 75 years of the Appalachian Trail
  244. Something strange is going on...EVERYWHERE!!!
  245. Professor Nutt
  246. Alone, a poem by Edgar Allan Poe
  247. 108 Buddha-Dhamma Similies by Ajahn Chah
  248. beforeidieiwantto
  249. Exploring the Illusion of Free Will
  250. Cryptography